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Robyn Davidson: Unfinished Woman

Tracks author journeys into uncharted terrain: her past

Thursday 23 May 2024
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Robyn Davidson once described Unfinished Woman as an “infinite book”. “I feel absolutely that I have to write it and absolutely that I can’t write it.”

Twenty-five years in the making, this unforgettable memoir charts her expeditions since crossing the Gibson Desert with camels –  the subject of her debut, Tracks, which her then-landlord, Doris Lessing, presciently declared “a classic”.

Robyn’s exploits include having a “volcanic” love affair with Salman Rushdie in London, migrating with nomads in Tibet and marrying an Indian prince in the Himalayas. She finally returns to the long-avoided country of her childhood and her mother’s tragic suicide.

Explore her remarkable life, in conversation with Michaela Kalowski.
In this extraordinary memoir, she offers us glimpses into many of her other worlds, uniting her love of the East and West, showing us her resilience through triumphs and tragedies.
The Sydney Morning Herald
Carriageworks, Track 12
245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh, NSW, 2015