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Russ the Story Bus

Expression of Interest

Please complete the below for to register your interest in Russ the Story Bus visiting your school. 

Interest in Russ the Story Bus is high, and Sydney Writers' Festival is not able to visit every school that makes a request. Sydney Writers’ Festival will be selecting schools to take part in Russ the Story Bus tours based on a variety of factors, including location, ICSEA score (of below 1000), and will prioritise government schools, especially those with above-average populations of LOTE students or Indigenous students. 

ICSEA (Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage), SEA (Socio-Educational Advantage), Indigenous population, LOTE (Language Background Other Than English) and total students can be found by looking up your school at MySchool

All aspects of this program come at no cost to your school, and are generously supported through a combination of public and private financial contributions. If you have any questions or queries relating to this program, please get in contact with the Russ the Story Bus team, at russthestorybus@swf.org.au 

Including postcode

This can be found on the myschool.edu.au website

This can be found on the myschool.edu.au website.

Language background other than English. You can find this on myschool.edu.au website.

This can be found on the myschool.edu.au website.

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Please read the terms and conditions underneath the form.

Russ the Story Bus 2024 – Terms and Conditions

The services that will be provided by the Sydney Writers’ Festival are as follows: 

  1. Visit by our travelling story bus, in the form of a 12-metre long bus and support van.
  2. One (1) children’s author/illustrator will conduct two 30-45-minute talks for up to a total of 250 students at your school.
  3. The opportunity for every participating students to choose a brand new book of their own form Russ the Story Bus.
  4. Arrive and depart the site at the agreed upon times.
  5. Sydney Writers’ Festival holds an insurance certificate of currency for Public Liability.
  6. Assurance that all the Sydney Writers’ Festival staff and volunteers have valid Working with Children Checks.
  7. Current Risk Assessment for the Russ the Story Bus program.
  8. Minimum two (2) staff members to manage Russ the Story Bus operations, which includes a driver and onboard management.

The services that will be provided by your school: 

  1. Teachers to manage the children entering and exiting Russ.
  2. Teachers to ensure students book choices best suit their reading levels.
  3. Teachers to make Sydney Writers' Festival staff aware of any students who do not have permission to be photographed.
  4. Teachers to maintain order during the author talks, and while on Russ the Story Bus.
  5. Access to the school grounds for Russ the Story Bus, and or a safe parking space away from traffic.
  6. Provide accurate contact information to the Sydney Writers’ Festival so that the Russ the Story Bus team can reach the correct school contacts.
  7. Access to a school hall, library or classroom with a projector or smart board for the use of the visiting author/illustrator, and access to a PA system.
  8. Completion of the Sydney Writers' Festival Evaluation Form within two weeks of the Russ the Story Bus visit.
  9. Access to sufficient car parking spaces for visiting Russ personnel.

Each organisation releases and holds harmless the other party, including its respective officers, agents and employees, from and against all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including any reasonable legal costs and expenses) incurred or suffered by or arising out of, in connection with, or incidental to the acts, or omissions (other than those involving negligence or wilful default) of either party, its agents or representatives in connection with the Festival or this memorandum.