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The Secret Lives of Politicians

Lech Blaine, Niki Savva and Margot Saville talk AusPol’s key players

Niki Savva
Lech Blaine (photo credit James Brickwood)
Margot Saville
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Saturday 25 May 2024
Event Code: N1
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Free, bookings required through Inner West Council Libraries.

What goes on behind the scenes of Australia’s most public figures?

Under the spotlight of public scrutiny, the names and faces of Australian politics have fallen in and out of favour in recent years. Who are the people behind the politics? How did they get to be where they are, and where will they go next?

Join key political commentators Lech Blaine, Margot Saville and Niki Savva as they examine the rise and fall of the Coalition, and dare to ask the question – what comes next?

Ashfield Town Hall
260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, NSW, 2131