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SWF Great Debate: Artificial Intelligence is Better Than the Real Thing

Man vs machine – an intellectual battle royal

David Marr (photo credit Christopher Ireland)
Annabel Crabb
Rhys Nicholson
Toby Walsh
Matilda Boseley (photo credit Ellen Smith)
Tracey Spicer AM
Thursday 23 May 2024
Event Code: 2

Humankind stands at a crossroads: will artificial intelligence make us superhumanly productive, liberating us from life’s most mundane tasks? Or have we opened Pandora’s box, unleashing sentient technology that will eventually destroy us?

In a colossal contest of persuasion and wit, two teams of our best and brightest debate whether artificial intelligence is better than the real thing.

Decide once and for all with team captains Annabel Crabb and David Marr, as they duke it out alongside teammates Matilda Boseley, Rhys Nicholson, Tracey Spicer and Toby Walsh. Adjudicated by Yumi Stynes.


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