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Readers: Books and Conversations with Francesca de Tores

Forget Blackbeard, meet infamous pirate Mary Read in the daring historical novel, Saltblood

Francesca de Tores (photo credit Andrew North)
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Thursday 23 May 2024
Event Code: N31
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Francesca de Tores plunges into the depths of the true lives of women in piracy's Golden Age.

A woman aboard a ship is a dangerous thing – so become something more dangerous than a woman. A pirate.

Take to the seas in this gripping tale of one of history’s most fascinating characters, Mary Read. Living as both Mark and Mary, Saltblood, the latest novel from Francesca de Tores, weaves a tale of gender and survival.

Explore the true lives of women in piracy’s Golden Age with Francesca and host Michaela Kalowski in this special SWF edition of the Readers: Books and Conversations series.
I’ve loved immersing myself in research for [Saltblood] – but there are so many fascinating rabbit-holes to go down that the challenge is to know when to draw a line under the research, and get on with the writing…
Francesca de Tores
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