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Closing Address: Kate Manne on the Future of Misogyny

Unpack the future of misogyny with Kate Manne, philosopher of the #MeToo era

Kate Manne (photo credit Simon Wheeler)
Sunday 26 May 2024
Event Code: 142

When Kate Manne’s first book Down Girl, a tightly argued analysis of misogyny, was published shortly after the full exposé of Harvey Weinstein, she became ‘the philosopher of #MeToo’ – someone who could explain in crisp and compelling terms what misogyny is and how it works.

With her trademark combination of philosophical rigor and vivid storytelling, her next book Entitled took aim at male privilege and how it hurts women. Her new book Unshrinking: How to Fight Fatphobia targets particularly prevalent and oppressive aspects of misogyny – fatphobia and diet culture – proposing a radical rethinking of our bodies and the world.

In her closing address, join Kate to build on this extraordinary body of work and consider what recent activism has changed, what has resolutely stayed the same and what has worsened. What might the future of misogyny look like?


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