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Brigitta Olubas and Susan Wyndham on Writing Letters

Uncover the letters between eminent novelists Shirley Hazzard and Elizabeth Harrower

Brigitta Olubas
Susan Wyndham (photo credit Marco Lang)
Thursday 23 May 2024
Event Code: CUR22
The Curiosity Lecture series returns to the Festival with a line-up of our most thought-provoking speakers delivering one-time talks on topics of intrigue, interest and importance. 

Biographer Brigitta Olubas and journalist Susan Wyndham have edited a collection of the letters of eminent novelists Shirley Hazzard and Elizabeth Harrower. Reflecting on the correspondence of two important writers, they’ll share what they have learned about the art of writing letters and the relationships that they can sustain, and destroy.

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