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Best Friends

Examine the power, influence and complexity of friendship

Gyan Yankovich
Susan Wyndham (photo credit Marco Lang)
Wednesday 22 May 2024
Event Code: 11
Interrogate and celebrate friendship with Susan Wyndham and Gyan Yankovich

In Hazzard and Harrower: The letters , Susan delves into the intimate correspondence between two literary greats, spanning four decades and traversing continents. Along with her co-editor Brigitta Olubas, the two thread together the narrative of a complex friendship through letters, telegrams, and cards, revealing a meeting (and at times opposition) of minds on the topics of writing, politics, world affairs and daily life.

Gyan's Just Friends: On the Power, Influence and Joy of Friendship is an ode to the people who shape us. A writer and editor across lifestyle and culture, Gyan explores the joy, power and influence of friendship today. She asks what it means to be, to make and, sometimes, to lose a friend, and celebrates the family we find.

Join Susan and Gyan in conversation with Spectrum’s Melanie Kembrey.
State Library of NSW, Library Auditorium
Macquarie Street Wing, Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000