Join us for an engaging and educational journey into the world of literature

Sydney Writers’ Festival Primary School Days program is designed to inspire the next generation of readers and storytellers.

Our hugely popular sessions bring renowned children’s authors and illustrators to primary students for a fun, interactive and educational day that deepens their love of reading and writing.

The day is broken up into sessions and students will hear from all the writers and illustrators featured in the day's program. Our speakers will also be available during breaks to meet students, answer questions and sign books. A dedicated bookshop will be set up at the venue.

Six bestselling children’s book creators come together to share insights behind their bestselling work. You’ll meet Tasma Walton and Samantha Campbell, the team behind Nerra, a thrilling new series inspired by First Nations history; Kate and Jol Temple will turn their attention to the best (or is that worst) book baddies imaginable; Nova Weetman, author of Sick Bay, will share what she has learnt from writing TV and why she always leads with character; while American author Lev Grossman will reveal the real world problems at the core of his magical fantasy novels.

The Primary School Days program is best suited to school children in Years 3 to 6. 

View the brochure here or explore the full program below. 


9.30am Arrive at venue

10am Morning sessions

11.40am Lunch break and book signings 

12.40pm Afternoon sessions

1.40pm Book signings 

2pm Finish


Tasma Walton & Samantha Campbell: Turning Back Time

When Nerra is gifted a box of artefacts from her late greatgrandmother, the contents change her life. She has been chosen as the next deep time traveller but along with this ability comes an important responsibility to protect the Dreaming and maintain its balance. Nerra Deep Time Traveller is a thrilling adventure series inspired by First Nations history and drawing on traditional stories from the Boonwurrung people of coastal Melbourne. Tasma and Samantha will take you through the process of creating these books and share the importance of Nerra’s story.

Kate & Jol Temple: Evil Masterminds Vs Loveable Rogues

Get ready to join an evil mastermind convention as we take a look at our favourite book baddies! Why are baddies so useful for building stories? What makes a great villain? Using the devilish characters from their books like Frog Squad and dark fantasy series The Dangerous Business of Being Trilby Moffat, Kate and Jol take a hilarious deep dive into this murky world and explore how dastardly villains can provide terrific challenges for main characters.

Nova Weetman: The Strength of Character

Nova began her writing career in television and is now one of Australia's most beloved authors. Her contemporary novels explore the everyday challenges and pressures experienced by young Australians, while her time-slip novels focus on sidelined women in history. Here Nova will discuss what she learnt writing for TV, her approach to character-driven storytelling, and the importance of authenticity.

Lev Grossman: All Aboard for Adventure

Lev Grossman’s novels might feature fantastical locomotives and speaking animals, but they’re also filled with fascinating facts and stories about our planet and its inhabitants. At the core of Lev’s work is an important message about conservation. Come discover how Lev weaves together fantasy and reality and what has inspired these thrilling stories.

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