Patricia Cornelius

Unfortunately, Patricia Cornelius will no longer be appearing at the Festival. 

Patricia Cornelius is a founding member of Melbourne Workers Theatre. She’s a playwright, novelist and film writer. She’s the recipient of the Windham-Campbell Literature Prize and the 2019 Green Room Award for Life Achievement. Cornelia has been awarded the Victoria, NSW and Queensland Premier's Prizes, the Patrick White Playwright's Fellowship and Mona Brand Award for playwrighting as well as numerous AWGIE awards. She has written over 35 plays including: Runt, Shit, Big Heart, Savages, Do not go gentle…, Slut, Love and The Call. Patricia’s novel, My Sister Jill, was published in 2002. Patricia is currently working on a stage commission for the Melbourne Theatre Company. She is currently developing a feature film, Stolen, with director and co-writer Catriona McKenzie.