Ken Hillman

Professor Ken Hillman is a practising intensive care specialist who is a Professor of Intensive Care at the University of New South Wales, the Foundation Director of The Simpson Centre for Health Services Research, and a member of the Ingham Institute of Applied Medical Research. He trained at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney and worked in London for six years before returning to Australia as Director of Intensive Care at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney. Professor Hillman is internationally recognised as a pioneer in the introduction of the Medical Emergency Team, which recognises and responds to seriously ill hospital patients early in their deterioration and has been adopted in the majority of hospitals in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and several European countries. He is also a passionate advocate of improving the management of the dying patient in acute hospitals. His latest book, A Good Life to the End describes real life cases that he has been involved with as examples of how otherwise well meaning clinicians assume that people near the end of life want to have the most heroic measures in order to gain a few more weeks/months of life. The book also describes how we age; dementia; how to choose a good hospital or doctor; and how to make sure your choices about how you want to be treated are documented in the most effective ways.