Heidi Norman

Professor Heidi Norman is a leading researcher in the field of Australian Aboriginal political history. Her research has included: a history of the NSW Annual Aboriginal Rugby League Knockout; the social and economic impact of mining in relation to Gomeroi lands and people; study of economic change over time and relationship to Aboriginal lives in cities. In 2015 she published a political history of Aboriginal land rights in NSW titled What Do We Want? A Political History of Aboriginal Land Rights in NSW. From 2018 she has commenced a large ARC funded study of the social, economic and cultural benefits of Aboriginal land repossession in NSW. In 2019, she worked with a team on a study of 45 years of news media coverage of Aboriginal political aspirations. She is an award winning researcher and teacher. She was awarded the UTS research excellence medal for collaboration, National Teaching Excellence Award for her work in Indigenous studies, awarded the inaugural Gough Whitlam Research Fellowship and in was announced as a 'Top 5' ABC humanities researcher. She is a member of the NSW Aboriginal Affairs Research Advisory Board, AIATSIS and convener of the 'Indigenous Land and Justice Research hub'. She is of settler and Aboriginal descent. Her matrilineal Ruttley family have lived for thousands of generations on Gomeroi country in north western NSW.