Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts

Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts is a proud Bundjalung Widbul- Wiabul woman. Her work centres around importance of abolishing child protection in the lives of First Nations communities, and juvenile detention centres that continue to harm the bodies of First Nations children. As a survivor of Out Of Home Care with both historical lived experiences and her very own lived experiences, Vanessa continues to dedicate her work to those still severely impacted by the injustices and the voices that continue to go unheard and silenced. Her commitment to the lives of First Nations people, in particular missing First Nations children, care criminalisation and the pipeline to poverty and media / legal responses to the injustices continue to be at the front of her work. Vanessa has written for The Guardian, Victorian Women’s Trust, Junkee and Indigenous X and continues to use the power of storytelling, writing, advocacy and her professional and personal experiences to share the injustices committed against blak bodies.