Gabriel Faatau’uu-Satiu

Gabriel Faatau’uu-Satiu is the author of the anthology series, Breaking Bread, which weaves traditional Pasifika forms of storytelling with contemporary screen arts storytelling. He has directed Untitled: A Life In The Day Of…, with an all Sāmoan cast/crew and wrote the scripts to an 8x part digital series, The Kokos, for the Pasifika Education Centre for children to learn the basics of Sāmoan language. He is a member of the Black Friars Theatre Company and is the founder/creative director of his own independent production company, Satiu Studios – one of few Pasifika-led organisations in Australia that is dedicated to Pasifika stories screen, stage, online and print. Gabriel currently works at the Riverside Theatres in Parramatta as the Program Coordinator – Cinema and Digital and is working on multiple screen projects.