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For 25 years, Sydney Writers’ Festival has been a celebration of public discourse, connecting readers with their new favourite writers, as well as showcasing the great authors of Australian and world literature. More than 400 writers attend Sydney Writers’ Festival annually.

The successive impacts of COVID have been tough on the arts and live events, and Sydney Writers’ Festival has not been exempt. Since the cancellation of our Festival in 2020 due to the pandemic, we have navigated the changing funding and regulatory environment of being an Arts organisation in a COVID world. Loss of university-sector sponsorship coupled with constraints in funding from local, state and federal government have left us facing additional box office pressures and increased uncertainty. What we do know is that we wouldn’t exist without the ongoing commitment of our Patrons. But even with your already generous support, we face significant challenges in the future

It is perilously hard to be a writer in Australia – not just to make a living, but to sustain a living as an artist. In Australia, 80% of writers earn less than $13,000 a year from writing. Sydney Writers’ Festival is a critical intervention in their career development. It is what turns someone who has written a book into a writer with readers. It provides important opportunities for connection: writer to writer, writer to reader and reader to reader.

We need your support to continue to play this vital role.

"Where are we as a culture without our novelists and poets, journalists and policy makers, scientists and thinkers to show us what is possible in the pages of a book?"

– Michael Williams, 2022 Sydney Writers’ Festival Artistic Director

And so in 2022, our 25th year of existence, Sydney Writers’ Festival is launching a fundraising appeal to allow us to continue to play our role in supporting writers, readers and the literary ecosystem. Our aim is to raise $75,000 in our fundraising appeal and The Shand Foundation have generously pledged to match the first $25,000 in gifts that we raise. Funds raised will ensure that we can champion writers for years to come.

With your support, we can: 

  • Present 400 writers annually from all stages of their career
  • Celebrate Australian writers
  • Bring the best international writers back to our shores
  • Reach up to 80,000 readers in-person annually
  • Livestream our programming to 70 regional communities in every state and territory of Australia
  • Release podcasts of our program, downloaded 3 millions times by people around the world
  • Run our education programming reaching 7,500 students annually
  • Visit up to 8,000 students with our outreach program, Russ the Story Bus

As a registered charity, all donations of $2 or more to Sydney Writers’ Festival are tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support of Sydney Writers’ Festival. Your support is more important now than ever. Please consider giving additionally to our fundraising appeal so that we can continue to bring together a community that champions our writers, allowing them to unearth incredible stories and share them with us, shaping and defining who we are and who we can be as a society.