In this week’s podcast playlist, there are literary remedies for boredom, insights into alleviating anxiety, rituals and remedies for sleepless nights, lessons from nature and more.

Award-winning journalist Angela Saini explains how science was swindled by sexism. Dr Norman Doidge shares incredible stories of people who changed their brains to better heal and live. Bestselling author Mohsin Hamid discusses how to find solace when we can’t connect with our family, community and religion like we normally do. One of Australia’s most highly regarded writers, Robert Dessaix, offers a thoughtful and witty guide on taking pleasure in leisure. New York Times–bestselling author Johann Hari shares a radical new way of thinking about depression and anxiety. Fiction writer and essayist Olivia Sudjic addresses the pros and cons of connection in the internet age. And emergency room physician and award-winning author James Maskalyk reflects on the grief, laughter, tragedy and hopes common to us all in trying times.

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