Michaela McGuire on why she's so excited to have Max Porter in this year's program:

"I wasn’t even properly out of bed when I sent an invitation to Max Porter last winter, approximately 37 seconds after seeing the publication announcement of Lanny on Twitter. Anyone who’s read Grief is the Thing With Feathers knows that Max is the real deal: a true original, the writer of his generation, an author so accomplished that you can barely believe you get to be alive at the same time that he’s publishing such extraordinary books. I finally got my hands on an advance copy of Lanny while I was visiting publishers in London last year and waited until I got back to my Airbnb before starting it. I sat down on the couch, opened the cover, and didn’t stand up again until I’d read the whole thing. That’s never happened to me before, and I don’t expect that it will until Max writes another book." 

Find Max at Sydney Writers' Festival