Holly Throsby's guide to the Festival

Musician and novelist Holly Throsby spoke about her gripping debut novel Goodwood at the Festival last year. This year, she'll be in conversation with Eddie Ayres about his remarkable memoir. Holly spoke to us about her top 2018 Festival picks.



What a great panel. I loved Stan Grant's memoir, Talking to My Country, and Marcia Langton and Nakkiah Lui are two of the most interesting writers (and commentators) in Australia, so I am fascinated to see what they have to say about the agency of indigenous people and the cynicism of the political process. Attendance to this should probably be compulsory for all non-indigenous Australians.

Helen Garner’s Savage Self-Scrutiny

I have long been a fan of Helen Garner's writing and with every new release I rush to the bookstore. She is certainly one of my favourite crime writers, if you could call her a crime writer. Most recently I read Everywhere I Look, and on even the most mundane matters, I was so interested in what she had to say. Apparently, it's a tough gig to get Helen to a writer's festival, so this is a rare treat that I will not be missing.

Gay For Page

It's so wonderful to find a queer story in literature that sparkles on the page and feels very real and good. In mainstream literature, this is sadly still a rarity. I can't wait to hear what this panel has to say about their favourite queer authors, novels and characters – I feel I will come away with a fine reading list. 

My Feminism Will Be Intersection or It Will Be Bullshit

At first, I was drawn to the name of this panel, and then I read the names on the actual panel. Zinzi Clemmons, Aminatou Sow, Jenny Zhang and Nakkiah Lui talking about feminism and intersectionality in a way that is sure to call out all of the bullshit. My partner and I are going to this one together as a hot date.