Amelia Lush, Head of Children's & YA Programs, has compiled three books that offer a multitude of fun activities perfect for kids at home. There's something to do, something to solve and something to learn! Come ponder a puzzle or make up a monster with help from these amazing children's book authors and illustrators. 


The Mysterious Benedict Society: Mr. Benedict's Book of Perplexing Puzzles, Elusive Enigmas, and Curious Conundrums 
by Trenton Lee Stewart

One of the highlights of this Sydney lockdown for me has been watching the new Mysterious Benedict Society TV series. Based on one of my all-time favourite children’s books series, the Disney adaptation has captured the whimsy, curiosity and delights of puzzle-solving that made the books so special. If you have a lover of conundrums, codes and cerebral challenges in your house, this series is perfect. Accompany your viewing (or reading) with a book of puzzles from Trenton Lee Stewart, full of tricky situations faced by the young investigators of the Benedict Society that young minds can tackle all on their own. It promises many afternoons of distraction and fun.  



Draw with Rob: Build a Story 
by Rob Biddulph

During the first lockdown, picture book creator and art director Rob Biddulph invited kids around the world into his home for #DrawWithRob: short, daily drawing challenges. This YouTube series has spawned a series of wonderful guided illustration books that children will love. The latest title, Draw with Rob: Build a Story, takes kids on a journey through all their favourite storybook characters including unicorns, dragons and monsters of their very own! 



Me, Microbes and I
by Philip Bunting

I still remember the moment that my doctor grandfather explained to me that my entire BODY was full of tiny, microscopic bugs and that they were GOOD FOR ME. It blew my tiny, science-obsessed brain, and resulted in a life-long love of biology. Philip Bunting’s new picture book, full of facts, illustrations and insights into the world of microbes, is a wonderful addition and will answer the questions (and bring up many more) that kids might have about the fascinating world of bacteria, viruses and the human body.