Catriona Feeney's guide to All-Day YA

All-Day YA is happening in just under a week! Helpfully, our YA ambassador Catriona Feeney, aka Little Book Owl, has put together her top picks for the Festival – including highlights from the All-Day YA program and the main Festival bill. 

Claire G Coleman on Fiction, Villains and the nature of evil

You had me at villains! A good (or rather, bad and evil) villain often makes the story for me, so this discussion sounds right up my alley. I also completely agree with Claire G. Coleman's belief that "the most entertaining villains are the ones who think they are heroes". Sign me up!

Gods and Monsters: Mythology in Fiction

This panel is said to be "an absorbing discussion about the use of fable and lore in literature," and I have no doubt it will be exactly that. I am a sucker for mythology, and I'm curious to hear about the ways in which classical and Irish mythology have shaped Danny Denton and Eliza Robertson's works.

Burn the Burn Book: Real Girls in YA

Being female myself, the subject of girls in fiction is one I am very passionate about. Kellie Phan will be joined by authors Alicia Tuckerman, Tara Eglinton, Jenna Guillaume and Rebecca Lim in this discussion about writing the experiences of teenage girls, including one of my all-time favourite things: female friendships.

Architects of New Worlds

Jesse Andrews, Cally Black, Claire G. Coleman and Jay Kristoff discuss fantasy and science fiction with Adele Walsh in what I am sure will be a captivating and insightful discussion. I look forward to hearing about these author's insights into how true-life issues can be examined and critiqued in fiction.

Levi Pinfold: Illustrating Harry Potter

I'm sure I'm not the only one who squealed with excitement when the 20th anniversary editions of Harry Potter were announced – those covers are so beautifully detailed. It was an even lovelier surprise to see the additional illustrations (such as the Hogwarts map) included INSIDE as well! I am eager to hear the illustrator, Levi Pinfold, talk about the process of illustrating for such a well-known book series.

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