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The Untold Australian Story of Maus

How Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel reunited a family decades after the Holocaust

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Tuesday 21 May 2024
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For decades, Holocaust survivor Mark Spigelman had recurring nightmares.

These took the shape of fragmented memories from his childhood during the Holocaust: from imprisonment in a Polish ghetto, to time spent hiding in a bunker, rubbish tips and a farmhouse.

Mark’s memories were mostly limited to traumatic dreams, until 1980, when his brother stumbled upon the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel, Maus. When Mark picked up the book, he discovered that its pages displayed many of the same vivid images from his nightmares. This was no coincidence. Maus was in fact his family’s story; and the author, Art Spiegelman, his long-lost cousin.

In this fascinating conversation, learn how the graphic novel helped Mark piece together his nightmares and better understand his own family history.
Sydney Jewish Museum
148 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst , NSW, 2010