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Speak the Light

Language lending light to reveal a balanced world

Jeanine Anne Leane (photo credit Peter Comisari)
Shivram Gopinath
Susie Anderson
Bebe Oliver
Sarah Saleh
Omar Sakr
Anne-Marie Te Whiu
Saturday 25 May 2024
Event Code: 119

Poetry has the ability to reveal the shadow and the light of our beautiful and complicated human existence.

Join these remarkable poets, Susie Anderson, Bebe Oliver, Shivram Gopinath, Jeanine Leane, Omar Sakr, Sara M Saleh and Anne-Marie Te Whiu for stirring spoken word performances with pieces that contemplate and illuminate the personal and the political, the tiny and the massive. These performances affirm the clarity of poetry in a confused world. Hosted by Jazz Money.

Carriageworks, Track 12
245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh, NSW, 2015