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Matilda Boseley on The Year I Met My Brain

Writer’s aha moment following ADHD diagnosis

Matilda Boseley (photo credit Ellen Smith)
Saturday 25 May 2024
Event Code: CUR107
The Curiosity Lecture series returns to the Festival with a line-up of our most thought-provoking speakers delivering one-time talks on topics of intrigue, interest and importance. 

Award-winning Guardian Australia reporter Matilda Boseley experienced her adult ADHD diagnosis as a massive, earth-shattering event. She was given a prescription but had no idea what ADHD meant for her identity, relationships or future. Sail the stormy seas of the ADHD brain with Matilda who, after 12 months of confusion, embarked on an epic voyage to write the empowering, uplifting and essential guide she wishes she’d had.

The Year I Met My Brain is the ultimate travel companion for navigating and enjoying life as an adult with ADHD.

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