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David Wengrow: The Dawn of Everything

Change the course of history, starting with the past

Sunday 26 May 2024
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What kind of world could we create if we stopped believing inequality is the price of progress?

Archaeology professor David Wengrow’s groundbreaking book, The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity, co-authored with the late David Graeber, overturns the theories of Yuval Noah Harari (Sapiens), Jared Diamond (Guns, Germs, and Steel) and Steven Pinker (Enlightenment Now). Challenging dominant narratives that the agricultural revolution meant abandoning an egalitarian Eden, the book unearths advanced early civilisations that weren’t governed by kings, presidents or authoritarian rule.

Transform your understanding of human evolution with David, in conversation with ABC RN’s Richard Fidler, and learn how rewriting history may provide political inspiration for today.

David Wengrow appears thanks to the support of Kristina Stefanova.

Carriageworks, Bay 17
245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh, NSW, 2015