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Christos Tsiolkas: The In-Between

A tender turn with an AusLit icon

Christos Tsiolkas
Friday 24 May 2024
Event Code: 75
Christos Tsiolkas shook the local literary scene with his debut, Loaded, whose protagonist, Ari, sought deliverance from suburban Melbourne in sex, drugs and youthful swagger.

This stomping ground has remained a centrifugal force throughout Christos’ revered oeuvre, giving birth to prodigal son Isaac (Dead Europe), precocious swimming champion Danny (Barracuda), the attendees of an ill-fated barbeque (The Slap) and now, in his eighth novel, The In-Between, two heartsore middle-aged men navigating the risks of love.

Discover a new side of Christos as he discusses the sensual and moving queer romance critics are calling perhaps his best novel yet, with host Ailsa Piper.
Christos Tsiolkas’ novel The In-Between is quite simply his best: a raw, deeply romantic, visceral investigation of love in its many guises. What’s read cannot be unread.
Clare Wright
Carriageworks, Track 8
245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh, NSW, 2015