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Ahona Guha on Life Skills for a Broken World

Cutting through the confusion in our heads and hearts

Ahona Guha
Saturday 25 May 2024
Event Code: CUR114
The Curiosity Lecture series returns to the Festival with a line-up of our most thought-provoking speakers delivering one-time talks on topics of intrigue, interest and importance. 

How can I soothe heartbreak? How do I cope with death? How can I learn to manage anxiety and have hope?

Clinical and forensic psychologist Ahona Guha’s practical guide, Life Skills for a Broken World, offers solid, helpful and evidence-based answers to your existential questions, big and small.

Drawing on a range of therapeutic modalities, Ahona will demonstrate how we can develop and apply essential psychological skills to live a more tranquil and joyful life.

Learn how to survive, thrive and feel hopeful for the future.

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