Primary School Days 2022

Bookings are now closed for Primary School Days 2022. 

Join us for an engaging and educational journey into the world of literature

Sydney Writers’ Festival’s Primary School Days program is designed to inspire the next generation of readers and storytellers. Our hugely popular sessions bring renowned children’s authors and illustrators to primary students for a fun, interactive and educational day that deepens their love of reading and writing. During four 45-minute sessions, writers and illustrators talk about their craft, share their discoveries and take questions from students. 

This year, we're pleased to bring to primary school students an exceptional line-up featuring Nat Amoore, Remy Lai, Matt Stanton and Corey Tutt in what promises to be a thrilling celebration of the power of stories hosted by Mick Elliott. Learn more about these award-winning and bestselling authors and illustrators. 

The Primary School Days program is best suited to school children in Years 3 to 6.

You can discover more about the exceptional program below, download our brochureread through a flipbook version, or access this one-page, quick-read version.   


9.30am Arrive at venue

10am Morning sessions

11.30am Lunch break

12.30pm Afternoon sessions

2pm Finish 

Tickets and Booking

Primary School Days at The Concourse, Chatswood (Tuesday 24 May) has reached current capacity; however, we encourage you to join the waitlist by following the instructions in our online booking form.  

Tickets are $25 per student (there is one free teacher ticket per 20 paying students) and $25 per additional teacher.

Tickets to Sydney Town Hall are free for primary schools with an ICSEA value of under 1000. You can check your school's ICSEA value at the My School website. Free tickets are limited so we recommend booking early.

Please book using our online form

The program 

Nat Amoore: Chaos Kid

As a kid, Nat Amoore did it all – run away from home, play epic pranks, plot a future in Hollywood, invent money-making schemes and never listen to a word her parents said. Now as a ‘responsible’ adult...well, nothing has really changed. But at least she uses her creative powers for good! The bestselling author of The Right Way to Rock, The Power of Positive Pranking and Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire teaches students how they can pluck moments from the chaos of childhood and mould them into hilarious tales of adventure and mayhem.

Remy Lai: Draw Your Life!

Graphic novel superstar and renowned dog-lover Remy Lai goes on a drawing and illustration extravaganza! Students join the author of the critically acclaimed Pie in the Sky, Fly on the Wall and Pawcasso in drawing a unique character of their very own, learn all about how to tell a first-rate visual story and hear about the ways Remy’s own life inspires the stories she writes. (Students will need paper and something to draw with such as a pencil.)

Matt Stanton: The Great Story Hunt

Stories are all around us – if you know where to look. Luckily Matt Stanton is here to show us the way! The bestselling children’s author and illustrator of the Funny Kid series and The Odds teaches students how to uncover interesting stories and detect curious tales in all sorts of places – history, fiction, maths, conspiracy theories and their own experiences. By the end of this session, students will have everything they need to become story hunters themselves. Their tools? Words, illustrations and a lot of imagination.

Corey Tutt: The First Scientists

What stories do the stars tell us? How can we predict the seasons by looking at the world around us? Kamilaroi man and author of The First Scientists Corey Tutt takes students on a fascinating journey through time, sharing 65,000 years of learning about the land, sea and sky. From engineering to chemistry, ecology to astronomy, students uncover the remarkable feats of innovation achieved by the First Peoples of this land and discover the answers to life’s big questions (including where glue comes from!).


For more information about Primary School Days, please contact us:

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