In this series of events, join some of our most beloved writers as they interview the author of their favourite Australian debut from the last year. They may be our favourite writers, but they’re also some of the most insightful and incisive readers in the country – and these sessions reveal what they think makes a story extraordinary. Providing keen insights into the books they’re most excited about and the writers they’re tipping as new talents to watch, enjoy this special series of conversations between the authors you already love and the new writers they love.

“I bought David Williamson’s Home Truths for my wife for Christmas, which was a bit like the time Homer Simpson bought Marge a 10-pin bowling ball for her birthday. The defining memoir of a personal writing hero and a cultural titan. Why he did it, how he does it, who he did it with and how the heck he keeps on doing it! What a gift.” – Trent Dalton Love Stories

Bestselling writer Trent Dalton (Love Stories) shares the stage with legendary playwright David Williamson to discuss David’s revealing and long-awaited memoir Home Truths.

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