In this series of events, join some of your most beloved writers as they interview the author of their favourite Australian debut from the last year. They may be your favourite writers, but they’re also some of our country’s most insightful and incisive readers. These sessions reveal what they think makes a story extraordinary. Providing keen insights into the books they’re most excited about and the writers they’re tipping as new talents to watch, enjoy this special series of conversations between the authors you already love and the new writers they love.

“10 September 1996: Pauline Hanson delivered her maiden speech, and I lost all faith in Australian politics. 20 August 2018: Mehreen Faruqi was sworn in as the first Muslim Senator to join the Upper House, and my faith was finally restored. In this dialogue with Mehreen Too Migrant, Too Muslim, Too Loud, I’d like to look into her kind eyes and say, 'Thank you’.” – Michael Mohammed Ahmad, The Other Half of You

Miles Franklin–shortlisted author Michael Mohammed Ahmad (The Other Half of You) speaks with Mehreen Faruqi about Too Migrant, Too Muslim, Too Loud, her no-holds-barred debut memoir.

Mehreen Faruqi (Australian)

Mehreen Faruqi

Dr Mehreen Faruqi is the Greens Senator for NSW and Spokesperson for Anti-racism, Education, Housing and Animal Welfare. She is a civil and environmental engineer and a life-long activist for social and environmental justice. She became the first Muslim woman to sit in any Australian parliament in 2013. Mehreen's memoir and manifesto Too Migrant, Too Muslim, Too Loud is a no-holds-barred account by a political outsider about what happens when you confront a system steeped in power and patriarchy.

Michael Mohammed Ahmad (Australian)

Michael Mohammed Ahmad

Dr Michael Mohammed Ahmad is the founding director of Sweatshop Literacy Movement and the award-winning author of The Tribe, The Lebs and The Other Half of You. His debut novel, The Tribe, won the 2015 Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Novelists of the Year Award. His second novel, The Lebs, won a 2019 Premier’s Literary Award and was a finalist for the 2019 Miles Franklin Literary Award. He is also the editor of the critically acclaimed anthology, After Australia.