As international borders closed during the pandemic, many media headlines focused on national news about virus and vaccine management, with only some major international events breaking through the daily pandemic statistics. But in the intervening months geopolitical ruptures, war in Ukraine, ongoing climate crises and more have highlighted the tension between the local and the global. Damien Cave (Australian Bureau Chief of The New York Times and author of Into the Rip), Louisa Lim (former China and Hong Kong correspondent for the BBC and NPR, and author of Indelible City: Dispossession and Defiance in Hong Kong) and Shaimaa Khalil (BBC’s Australia correspondent and co-author of Runaways) discuss the current state of international media and foreign correspondence, the priorities and pitfalls of 'world' news and the repercussions of a domestic-focused news cycle in a world of global consequences. Hosted by Jonathan Pearlman.