If creativity and building a cultural and intellectual contribution are difficult undertakings, does doing it in collaboration with another person make it easier or harder? Whether making a podcast, writing a book or building a following are two heads better than one? With their acclaimed podcast, Ladies, We Need to Talk Yumi Stynes and Claudine Ryan tackle taboos and topics that women want to explore but are too afraid to share. Recently they took their partnership to the next level with a book, diving deeper into the forbidden conversations of bodies, health, sex and relationships. Join Yumi and Claudine, as they compare notes on the highs and lows, the advantages and disadvantages of working with one another. This panel will be moderated by interviewer and curator, Michaela Kalowski.

Yumi Stynes (Australian)

Yumi Stynes

Yumi Stynes hosts a national radio show on the KiiS network 'The 3pm Pickup' and has written a series of guidebooks, including Welcome to Consent which was recently named one of the New York Public Library's top 50 books of 2021. In spite of her history of TV presenting, Yumi is now best known for Ladies, We Need to Talk which has been a cult podcast since it first dropped in 2017, spawned its own book and numerous "book" clubs where women get together and unpack what they've heard after each new episode. If she dies tomorrow, she'll be glad that she got to co-write the definitive guidebook on what to do when you get your period.

Claudine Ryan (Australian)

Claudine Ryan

Claudine Ryan is a writer, journalist, editor and podcast creator with the ABC. She's spent many years talking to experts, and other women, about women's health. She pitched Ladies, We Need to Talk because she knew she wasn't the only person who wanted to know more about painful sex, the mental load and the history of the clitoris.

Michaela Kalowski (Australian)

Michaela Kalowski

Michaela Kalowski is an interviewer, moderator and curator for writers and ideas festivals. In 2022 she's curator of International Author events for Brisbane Writers Festival & curator of ABC RN's on-air writers festival, Big Weekend of Books. She's conducted radio interviews for ABC RN's The Music Show, Big Ideas and The Bookshelf, ABC Classic and has presented programs across ABC radio.