Rebecca Solnit is one of the great essayists of our times, having garnered acclaim for her work on subjects as diverse as feminism, the history of walking and even the art of getting lost. Her essay ‘Men Explain Lolita to Me’ is literary criticism and social commentary at its finest, and her seminal ‘Hope in the Dark’ is a modern classic. The renowned author and activist joins host Sophie Black live via video to discuss her latest book Orwell’s Roses, a lush exploration of nature, pleasure and politics inspired by George Orwell’s love of gardening. She shares a fresh take on the British writer, shares the significance of joy in his concept of freedom, and pushes readers “to treasure the small moments of grace to be found in the natural world, even now in the face of climate catastrophes and global unrest” (Los Angeles Review of Books). 

Rebecca Solnit appears thanks to the support of Sam Meers AO.

This event is open captioned.