With good friends, as with great art, our sense of the world can be challenged, transformed and vastly enriched. Yet the role of friendship is rarely examined or celebrated in the same way as our romantic and familial ties. Hear from three remarkable writers – Ceridwen Dovey (co-author of Mothertongues), Shaimaa Khalil (co-author of Runaways) and Patti Miller (True Friends) – whose most recent books explore the nuances and incredible power of friendship. They discuss the importance of our other significant others and how our bonds with them support and sustain us across the phases of our lives, with Caroline Baum.

Patti Miller (Australian)

Patti Miller

Patti Miller is the author of six books of creative nonfiction; The Last One Who Remembers, Whatever The Gods Do, the award-winning The Mind of a Thief, Ransacking Paris, The Joy of High Place and True Friends; best-selling writing texts, Writing Your Life, The Memoir Book and Writing True Stories; and a novel, Child. Her essays and articles are published regularly in national newspapers, magazines and literary and art journals. She teaches creative nonfiction and memoir around Australia and Paris and London.

Ceridwen Dovey (Australian)

Ceridwen Dovey

Ceridwen Dovey is the author of Only the Animals and On J.M. Coetzee: Writers On Writers and has won an Australian Museum Eureka Award & UNSW Press Bragg Prize for her essays. She likes to experiment across different genres and collaborate with other artists. She's currently working with Rowena Potts on a short film trilogy about outer space (including Moonrise and Requiem for the Space Station). Her latest book, Mothertongues, is co-created with Eliza Bell, with original songs by Keppie Coutts.

Shaimaa Khalil (Australian)

Shaimaa Khalil

Shaimaa Khalil is an award-winning journalist who has worked for the BBC for more than twelve years. She’s currently the BBC’s Australia correspondent. She has reported across the Middle East, covering some of the biggest stories of the last decade, including the Arab Spring, the military campaign to liberate Mosul, the 2016 US elections and Australia’s 2019-2020 Bushfires.

Caroline Baum (Australian)

Caroline Baum

Caroline is the author of Only: A Singular Memoir about being an only child, published in 2017. Her life-writing has also appeared in several anthologies including My Mother, My Father: On Losing a Parent, and Rebellious Daughters. Life Sentences, her podcast about the practice of contemporary biography is available on all major platforms. Caroline is the winner of the 2015 Hazel Rowley Award, and her journalism has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, Griffith Review, and The Guardian. Caroline is the Ambassador for the Older Women’s Network in NSW.