Authors of two of the year’s most anticipated non-fiction releases, Louisa Lim and Kylie Moore-Gilbert share the stage to discuss the complexities of power, persecution and freedom. Louisa’s Indelible City: Dispossession and Defiance in Hong Kong is a deeply researched and personal account of Hong Kong, its people and the untold history they are claiming. Kylie’s The Uncaged Sky: My 804 days in an Iranian prison is the gripping account of her extraordinary fight to survive imprisonment in Iran. They speak with Ann Mossop.

Kylie Moore-Gilbert (Australian)

Kylie Moore-Gilbert

Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert is a scholar of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. She speaks several Middle Eastern languages and has spent significant periods travelling and conducting academic research in the region. She was falsely charged with espionage and imprisoned in Iran from September 2018 to November 2020 before being released in a prisoner exchange deal negotiated by the Australian government. Kylie's recently-released memoir The Uncaged Sky reveals the true story of the 804 days she spent as a political prisoner in Iran.

Louisa Lim (Australian)

Louisa Lim

Louisa Lim is the author of Indelible City; Dispossession and Defiance in Hong Kong. Her earlier book The People's Republic of Amnesia; Tiananmen Revisited was shortlisted for the Orwell Prize. She is an award-winning journalist and podcaster, who spent ten years reporting from China for the BBC and NPR. She is now a Senior Lecturer in Audiovisual Journalism at the University of Melbourne, and co host of The Little Red Podcast.

Ann Mossop (Australian)

Ann Mossop

Ann Mossop is the Director of the Centre for Ideas at UNSW Sydney, a new program designed to contribute to public conversations about important ideas and issues. Previously, as Head of Talks and Ideas at the Sydney Opera House from 2010-2017, she established the Opera House’s extensive talks and ideas program and lead key projects like the Festival of Dangerous Ideas and All about Women. Throughout her career she has been involved with important initiatives to bring the work of writers and thinkers to broader audiences, from the pioneering series Writers in the Park to the re-establishment of the Sydney Writers’ Festival.