Why have we lost our ability to focus and how do we get it back? This is the question globally bestselling author Johann Hari asks in his newest book Stolen Focus, which strives to not only change, but also possibly save, our minds. He unmasks the powerful forces that render us uniquely vulnerable to companies raiding our attention for profit, while casting a hopeful vision for reclaiming our waning attention spans, both as individuals and as a society. Johann is appearing live via video, in conversation with Amanda Collinge.

This event is open captioned.

Johann Hari (International)

Johann Hari

Johann Hari is an internationally bestselling author. His first book, Chasing the Scream, was a New York Times bestseller and adapted into the Hollywood feature film The United States vs Billie Holiday. His second book, Lost Connections, was a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller. He has written for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Le Monde and others, and he was twice named Newspaper Journalist of the Year by Amnesty International. His most recent book is Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention.

Amanda Collinge (Australian)

Amanda Collinge

Amanda Collinge is an award winning journalist, broadcaster and facilitator. Currently Executive Producer of Compass on ABC TV, she was the Series Producer of Q+A for 12 years, taking a lead role in shaping the show into the ABC flagship program it is today.  She’s worked as a DJ and reporter at Triple J Radio, a foreign correspondent living in Spain, and producer of documentaries for Australian Story, Dateline and Insight. Amanda is invited regularly to deliver keynotes and host public events.