In these uncertain times we live in, how exactly are we meant to make up our minds? New York Times Australian Bureau Chief and author of Into the Rip, Damien Cave; philosopher, science writer and author of How We Became Human, Tim Dean; and cognitive neuropsychologist Muireann Irish discuss what drives us to action. How do we weigh up pros, cons and risk factors, and how do stress and fear bear on our capacity for critical thinking? With ABC Radio National’s All in the Mind host Sana Qadar.

Damien Cave (Australian)

Damien Cave

Damien Cave is a journalist and author, and currently works as Australian Bureau Chief for the New York Times. He was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in international reporting in 2008 with a team in Baghdad when covering the Iraq war. Damien is a co-author of Unseen: Unpublished Black History from the New York Times Photo Archives, and his latest book is Into the Rip: How the Australian Way of Risk Made My Family Stronger, Happier... and Less American.

Muireann Irish (Australian)

Muireann Irish

Muireann Irish is Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney where she leads the MIND research group. Muireann’s research seeks to understand how the brain enables us to engage in complex acts of memory, imagination, and thinking and how these processes are affected in dementia. To date, she has produced over 140 publications and has received numerous accolades for her work including the Gottschalk Medal from the Australian Academy of Science.

Tim Dean (Australian)

Tim Dean

Tim Dean is an award winning philosopher, writer and author of How We Became Human, a book about how our evolved moral minds are out of step with the modern world. He has a Doctorate in philosophy from the University of New South Wales on evolution and morality and is also a writer and editor with over two decades of experience in the media. He is Senior Philosopher at the Ethics Centre and an Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney.

Sana Qadar (Australian)

Sana Qadar

Sana Qadar hosts All in the Mind on ABC Radio National, a show about the brain, behaviour, psychology and more - everything from addiction to artificial intelligence. She has previously reported, presented or produced for the BBC, Al Jazeera English, NPR, CTV, and China Radio International, with stints in London, Washington DC, Beijing, New Delhi, Doha, and Melbourne. Sana was born in Pakistan, raised in Toronto and now lives in Sydney.