Chloe Hooper is one of our finest writers: in her non-fiction (The Tall Man, The Arsonist), her fiction (A Child’s Book of True Crime, The Engagement) and her acclaimed journalism she has attracted readers and accolades alike for her fearless storytelling, unflinching eye and generous sense of humanity. In her new book Bedtime Story she turns that gaze in on her own family in a time of crisis and intimate challenge and explores the perennial question of how we talk to our children about death and loss. To close the 2022 Festival, Chloe will share the power and limitations of the stories that we tell and the words that we choose to make sense of the world.

This event is Auslan interpreted. Contact our ticketing team either by phone on (02) 9256 4200 or via email at to book the best sight line. Visit our Accessibility page for more information.