In the world of Australian politics, there’s no more febrile year than one featuring a federal election, and 2022 is no exception. There is – you might have noticed – quite a bit going on. So who better to guide us through and unpick the policy from the politics, the platforms from the grandstanding than host of ABC RN Breakfast, Patricia Karvelas and her predecessor, former host of ABC RN Breakfast Fran Kelly. Much-loved long-running podcast, The Party Room is live at Sydney Writers’ Festival, and your chance to see Fran and Patricia make sense of Federal Politics in real time.

This event is open captioned.

Patricia Karvelas (Australian)

Patricia Karvelas

Patricia Karvelas is the presenter of ABC RN Drive and has been a prominent senior journalist in the Australian media for 15 years, beginning her professional career in broadcast journalism at the ABC and SBS as both a producer and presenter. She has worked for The Australian newspaper since 2002 covering federal politics, most recently working as the Victorian Bureau Chief and Editor and Senior National Affairs Journalist. Patricia specialised in Indigenous affairs reporting for more than 10 years. She has also been a regular fill-in presenter on 774 ABC Melbourne, and frequently appears on a range of television and radio programs including RN's Sunday Extra and ABC TV's The Drum.

Fran Kelly (Australian)

Fran Kelly

Fran Kelly is one of Australia’s leading political interviewers and commentators. She has earned a reputation as an intelligent, informed and balanced journalist who has been a key contributor to the nation’s political and social debates for the past 25 years. In that time she’s been the ABC’s Europe Correspondent based in London, the political editor for The 7.30 Report and the political correspondent for the prestigious AM program. From 2005 to 2021 Fran presented ABC RN Breakfast, Australia’s leading national morning current affairs radio show.