In a year in which much of the news and public attention has been swallowed up by pandemic updates, the focus on climate change has wavered. Schoolchildren and youth activists have become some of the strongest voices advocating for climate action, urging policymakers to act now to save their future. Hear from a panel of Australia’s most inspiring young activists about how they are tackling the most pressing issue of our time. Santilla Chingaipe speaks with Jean Hinchliffe (author of Lead the Way: How to change the world, from a teen activist and school striker), Daisy Jeffrey (author of On Hope) and Varsha Yajman.

Jean Hinchliffe (Australian)

Jean Hinchliffe

Jean Hinchliffe is a 17-year-old climate justice activist and an organiser within School Strike 4 Climate. Jean began her activism at age 13, when she volunteered with the Yes campaign for marriage equality. Since then, she has also worked with organisations such as GetUp! and Stop Adani. Jean’s first book, Lead the Way: How to change the world from a teen activist and school striker will be published by Pantera Press in March 2021.

Varsha Yajman (Australian)

Varsha Yajman

Varsha is an 18-year-old university student and climate advocate. She has been an organiser for School Strike for Climate and was the 2020 NSW Schools Coordinator for the AYCC. Seeing the inadequacy of climate action being taken sparked her passion to engage in an intersectional movement that is not only about fighting for climate action but climate justice.

Daisy Jeffrey (Australian)

Daisy Jeffrey

Daisy Jeffrey is a high school student and organiser in the school climate strikes, one of which was one of the largest protests in Australian history, galvanising over 300,000 people to demand climate action. Daisy is also a fierce champion for gender equality. She is the author of On Hope.

Santilla Chingaipe (Australian)

Santilla Chingaipe

Santilla Chingaipe is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. A regular contributor for The Saturday Paper, her first book of non-fiction is due later this year. Santilla is a member of the Federal Government’s Advisory Group on Australia-Africa Relations and lives in Melbourne.