As the world came to terms with the devastating realities of COVID-19, our sense of what normal life looked like was turned on its head. In this timely anthology Upturn: A better normal after COVID-19 – edited by Tanya Plibersek – writers and public thinkers share their visions of how we might not just rebuild in the pandemic’s wake, but move towards something better. Tanya sits down with Linda Burney, Annabel Crabb, Tim Soutphommasane and Wayne Swan to discuss their contributions to the collection and their hopes for a fairer, more sustainable future.

This event is open captioned.

Tim Soutphommasane (Australian)

Tim Soutphommasane

Tim Soutphommasane is Professor of Practice (Sociology and Political Theory) at the University of Sydney. He is also Director, Culture Strategy at the University and in that role helps lead the University’s efforts to build a culture that supports its teaching, research and service to society. He is the author of five books: On Hate, I’m Not Racist But …, Don’t Go Back To Where You Came From, The Virtuous Citizen and Reclaiming Patriotism. He is also the co-editor (with Nick Dyrenfurth) of All That’s Left and he is a contributor to Upturn: A Better Normal After COVID-19.

Wayne Swan (Australian)

Wayne Swan

The Hon. Wayne Swan served as the Treasurer of Australia for nearly six years, including three years as Deputy Prime Minister. He was one of the longest-serving finance ministers in the G20 and was awarded Euromoney Finance Minister of the Year in 2011. He is the author of Postcode: The splintering of a nation and The Good Fight: Six years, two prime ministers and staring down the great recession. He is the National President of the Australian Labor Party. He is a contributor to Upturn: A Better Normal After COVID-19.

Annabel Crabb (Australian)

Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb is a writer and presenter for the ABC. She's also a keen amateur podcaster and co-hosts the inexplicably popular Chat 10, Looks 3 podcast with her colleague Leigh Sales, who lends credibility to the exercise. Annabel has worked extensively in newspapers, radio and TV as a political journalist and won a Walkley Award for Stop At Nothing: The Life and Adventures of Malcolm Turnbull. She published a bestselling book about gender and work, The Wife Drought, in 2014 and has published two cookbooks with childhood friend Wendy Sharpe, the latest of which is Special Guest. Her most recent Quarterly Essay is Men at Work.

Linda Burney MP (Australian)

Linda Burney MP

Linda Burney is an Australian politician, member of the House of Representatives in the Australian Federal Parliament, and the Shadow Minister for Families and Social Services and for Preventing Family Violence. She was the first Aboriginal person to serve in the New South Wales Parliament in 2003, and also the first Aboriginal woman to be elected to the federal House of Representatives, after winning the seat of Barton in the 2016 federal election, after resigning her state position in order to contest it

Tanya Plibersek MP (Australian)

Tanya Plibersek MP

Tanya Plibersek is the federal Shadow Minister for Education and Training. She served as Deputy Leader of the Australian Labor Party and Deputy Leader of the Opposition from 2013 to 2019, and has served as Member for Sydney since 1998. She was a Cabinet Minister in the Rudd and Gillard governments. Tanya is the editor of Upturn: A Better Normal After COVID-19.