Why is it that we take such delight in fictional crime? From the cosy pleasures of Agatha Christie to the gritty miseries of Scandinavian noir, for generations readers have sought escape, thrills and even a perverse comfort in crimes most foul.

Guest Curator Michael Robotham has selected an all-star cast of Australian crime writers – Candice Fox, Sulari Gentill and Chris Hammer – to revel in the way crime fiction lets us live our lives within reach of grim deeds we hope never to face. With host Tim Ayliffe.

Candice Fox (Australian)

Candice Fox

Hades, Candice Fox’s first novel, won the Ned Kelly Award for best debut in 2014 from the Australian Crime Writers Association. The sequel, Eden, won the Ned Kelly Award for best crime novel in 2015, making Candice only the second author to win these accolades back to back. Her subsequent novels – Fall, Crimson Lake, Redemption Point and Gone by Midnight – were all shortlisted for the Ned Kelly Award.In 2015 Candice began collaborating with James Patterson. Their first novel together, Never Never, set in the vast Australian outback, was a huge bestseller in Australia and went straight to number one on the New York Times bestseller list in the US, and also to the top of the charts in the UK. Their later novels – Fifty Fifty, Liar Liar, Hush Hush and The Inn – have all been massive bestsellers across the world. Candice’s latest novel is The Chase.

Chris Hammer (Australian)

Chris Hammer

Chris Hammer is a leading Australian crime fiction author. His novel Scrublands won the prestigious UK Crime Writers New Blood Dagger for the best debut published in the United Kingdom during 2019. The London Times described his follow up, Silver, as the best Australian crime novel since Peter Temple’s The Broken Shore. The third book in the Martin Scarsden/Mandalay Blonde series, Trust, is set in a Sydney recovering from COVID-19. Chris was previously a political journalist and foreign correspondent.

Sulari Gentill (Australian)

Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill is the author of the award-winning and best-selling Rowland Sinclair Mysteries and the Greek mythology adventure series The Hero Trilogy. Sularis is winner of the Ned Kelly Best Crime Fiction Award 2018 for Crossing the Lines. Her most recent book is A Testament of Character.

Tim Ayliffe (Australian)

Tim Ayliffe

Tim Ayliffe has been a journalist for more than 20 years and is the Managing Editor of Television and Video for ABC News. Tim has also been the Executive Producer of News Breakfast. He has travelled widely and before joining the ABC he was based in London for four years working for British Sky News. A few years ago he turned his hand to writing global crime thrillers mostly set in Sydney and featuring John Bailey. The third book in the series The Enemy Within is published in August 2021 and follows The Greater Good and State of Fear. Tim lives in Sydney and when he's not writing or chasing news stories he rides bikes and surfs.