Join us for another very special Sydney Writers’ Festival edition of The Full Catastrophe, a live show about life going hilariously wrong. Rebecca Huntley and ABC Radio Sydney’s Sarah Macdonald welcome guests Ashe Davenport, Rick Morton, Scott Ludlam and Yumiko Kadota to share a painful and uproarious incident in their lives in front of a live audience.

Rick Morton (Australian)

Rick Morton

Rick Morton is an award-winning journalist and author of three non-fiction books. My Year Of Living Vulnerably (Fourth Estate, 2021) documents the rediscovery of love after a Complex PTSD diagnosis. His debut memoir, One Hundred Years of Dirt (MUP, 2018), became a national bestseller and was a finalist in multiple awards. He is also the author of On Money (Hachette, 2020). Rick is a senior reporter at The Saturday Paper where he covers social policy, national affairs and science.

Ashe Davenport (Australian)

Ashe Davenport

Ashe Davenport is the author of Sad Mum Lady, a collection of personal essays about early parenthood, postnatal depression and finding a dead rat in the cubbyhouse. Ashe grew up in Melbourne. She was awarded a scholarship to a private school then got expelled for being “a bad influence” (read: bright, troubled and devastatingly attractive). Ashe is currently working on a collection of short stories and hasn’t been suicidal for ages.

Scott Ludlam (Australian)

Scott Ludlam

Scott Ludlam is a writer, activist and former Australian Greens senator. He served in parliament from 2008 to 2017, and as co-deputy leader of his party from 2015 to 2017. Scott currently works as a freelance researcher and troublemaker, while writing very occasional pieces for Meanjin, The Monthly, Junkee and The Guardian. Full Circle, his book on ecology, technology and politics will be published in 2021.

Yumiko Kadota (Australian)

Yumiko Kadota

Yumiko Kadota is a medical doctor in Sydney. She wrote a blog post in 2019 about the toxic culture within the medical profession, which entered mainstream media. She experienced overwork, bullying, harassment and sexism, all of which made her eventually walk away from her career. She has detailed this further in her memoir, Emotional Female, published in March 2021 by Penguin Books.

Sarah Macdonald (Australian)

Sarah Macdonald

Sarah Macdonald is a broadcaster and writer. She currently presents The Evening Show on ABC Radio Sydney, NSW and Canberra. Her bestselling travel memoir Holy Cow! has been translated into several languages and is still one of the travel bibles of India. Her latest book is So...You’re Having a Teenager: An A-Z of adolescence. Sarah also co-presents The Full Catastrophe, a storytelling event and podcast.

Rebecca Huntley (Australian)

Rebecca Huntley

Dr Rebecca Huntley is one of Australia's foremost researchers on social trends. She is also an author and broadcaster. She is on the board of The Bell Shakespeare Company and on the Executive Board of the NSW branch of the ALP. She is the Chair of the Advisory Board of Australian Parents for Climate Action. Her latest book is How to Talk About Climate Change in a Way That Makes a Difference.