Please note, Sue-Lin Wong is appearing via video for this event.

The Beijing Bureau focuses on the stories and hard-won knowledge of Australia’s foreign correspondents in China – covering everything from Gough Whitlam’s first handshake with Mao Zedong half a century ago, to Beijing’s decision to withdraw the welcome mat for Australian reporters late last year. Hear from contributors Sue-Lin Wong (The Economist) (appearing live via video), Hamish McDonald (Sydney Morning Herald) and Jane Hutcheon (ABC) as they share insights into the everyday life of the Chinese People, Beijing’s treatment of journalists on the ground and what the rise of China heralds for Australia and the wider world. Leading the panel are the anthology’s editors, Melissa Roberts and Trevor Watson.

Jane Hutcheon (Australian)

Jane Hutcheon

Jane Hutcheon is a Sydney-based presenter and author. As the creator and former host of ABC-TV's One Plus One - a weekly interview-based chat show - she interviewed 500 notable people about their lives and achievements. Jane left the ABC in September 2019 to develop her own projects and collaborations. She's currently developing a series of books and workshops on the art of conversation. She's also the author of two non-fiction books, and is a former international television correspondent reporting on world affairs from China, the Middle-East and Europe.

Sue-Lin Wong (International)

Sue-Lin Wong

Sue-Lin Wong is The Financial Times' South China correspondent. She covers politics, society, technology and trade in mainland southern China, Hong Kong and Macau. She was previously a correspondent with Reuters where she covered North Korea and the Chinese economy. She opened both the FT's and Reuters' bureaus in Shenzhen, a Chinese tech hub which borders Hong Kong. Born and raised in Sydney, Sue-Lin graduated with degrees in Asian Studies and Law from the Australian National University.

Hamish McDonald (Australian)

Hamish McDonald

Hamish McDonald is a Walkley Award-winning foreign correspondent. He was former foreign editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and regional editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review. He was SMH-Age correspondent in Beijing 2002-2005.

Trevor Watson (Australian)

Trevor Watson

Trevor Watson is an award-winning journalist, author and media consultant with 50 years of national and international experience. As an ABC correspondent, Trevor was stationed in Canberra, New Delhi, Port Moresby, Beijing, Bangkok and Singapore. He has written for The Bulletin magazine and reported for the BBC and CBS News in the US. Trevor won a Walkley Award for his coverage of the South Pacific and is a recipient of the United Nations Media Prize. In 2012, Trevor was appointed Director of Media at the University of Sydney Business School.

Melissa Roberts (Australian)

Melissa Roberts

Melissa Roberts is a journalist, author and co-editor of The Beijing Bureau. She covered China from 1988 to 1990, freelancing for Time magazine, The Monitor and The Daily Mail. She has worked for The Australian and finance newswire AP Dow Jones; reported from Port Moresby and New Delhi; and covered Singapore and Australia for Newsweek. She is the author of five children’s books published by Addison Wesley Longman and Macmillan, and was a senior media manager for NSW Health.