As a ghostwriter, Guest Curator Michael Robotham spent countless hours interviewing subjects in an attempt to bring their inner lives within reach and onto the page. But the art of the interview has many facets, and many different requirements depending on whether it’s approached from a journalistic, storytelling or entertainment perspective. Michael speaks with one of Australia’s best interviewers, Andrew Denton, and asks what makes a great interview and how to get the best out of a subject.

This event is open captioned.

Andrew Denton (Australian)

Andrew Denton

Andrew Denton is an award winning writer, performer and producer. His TV programs include Enough Rope, The Chaser Decides, Hungry Beast and The Gruen Transfer. He pioneered documentaries on difficult subjects done differently, including The Year of the Patronising Bastard, about disability and Angels & Demons about mental illness. His podcast series about voluntary euthanasia, Better Off Dead, released in 2016, topped the iTunes charts. Among his favourite detractors, he counts Rupert Murdoch, Paul Keating, and Germaine Greer.

Michael Robotham (Australian)

Michael Robotham

Before becoming a novelist, Michael Robotham was an investigative journalist working across America, Australia and Britain. As a journalist and writer, he investigated notorious cases such as the serial killer couple Fred and Rosemary West. He has worked with clinical and forensic psychologists as they helped police investigate complex, psychologically driven crimes. Michael’s 2004 debut thriller, The Suspect, sold more than 1 million copies around the world. It is the first of nine novels featuring beloved Joe OLoughlin. Good Girl, Bad Girl is the first book in an exciting new series featuring forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven and was shortlisted for the 2020 Edgar Award for Best Novel. Michael is the only Australian to win the UKs prestigious Gold Dagger Award twice – for Good Girl, Bad Girl and Life or Death. In 2020, The Secrets She Keeps was adapted for television. Michael’s most recent novel is When She Was Good.