In recent years we have increasingly looked to facts and figures to guide us through tumultuous times. What is it that we find so reassuring about the distillation of complex issues into simple charts and clear line graphs? Whether it’s the COVID-19 curve or deciphering the voting results on election night, Australia’s favourite data analysts Casey Briggs, host of ABC’s The Curve, and Antony Green, ABC’s Chief Election Analyst, appear in conversation with Ange Lavoipierre to talk about how numbers offer comfort and clarity in an uncertain world.

Antony Green (Australian)

Antony Green

Antony Green is best known as Chief Election Analyst with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and is the face of television election coverages in Australia. Antony has worked for the ABC since 1989. In that time he has worked on more than 70 federal, state and territory elections. He has also worked on local government elections, numerous by-elections and covered elections in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada. Antony designed the ABC’s election night computer analysis system. Antony previously worked in the computer industry as a programmer and data analyst. His expertise is in electoral systems, voter behaviour and election night result modelling. He has prepared numerous publications for parliamentary libraries, written book chapters and contributed to parliamentary inquiries on electoral procedure in Australia.

Casey Briggs (Australian)

Casey Briggs

Casey Briggs is a data analyst and reporter with ABC News. He studied mathematics at university, took a wrong turn somewhere along the way and fell into journalism. Much like everyone else, he spent all of 2020 obsessed with the novel coronavirus. He's previously covered politics, cyclones, and crocodiles for the ABC in Adelaide, Brisbane, and Cairns.

Ange Lavoipierre (Australian)

Ange Lavoipierre

Ange Lavoipierre is a journalist, writer and comedian. She’s the host of the ABC’s daily news & current affairs podcast The Signal and a regular contributor on Radio National, ABC radio Sydney and Double J. She recently toured her award-winning stand up show Zealot to comedy festivals around Australia and internationally. She’s one half of the comedy web series Impostors.