Vicki Hastrich’s Night Fishing is a remarkable memoir of a singular life spent in art and nature, set on the private byways of Brisbane Water, north of Sydney, where Vicki has spent much of her life. Charlotte Wood (The Natural Way of Things) lauds this memoir – which sits alongside classics of observation and nature by David Malouf, Tim Winton and Annie Dillard – as “a breathtakingly original” work “of a questing, roving intellect and a rare humility”. Vicki sits down with Rebecca Johinke to discuss Night Fishing, a tonic for those of us who have forgotten how to slow down and look around.

Vicki Hastrich (Australian)

Vicki Hastrich

Vicki Hastrich is the author of two novels, The Great Arch and Swimming with the Jellyfish. Her most recent work is a collection essays, Night Fishing: Stingrays, Goya and the singular life.

Rebecca Johinke (Australian)

Rebecca Johinke

Rebecca Johinke is an associate professor in the Department of English, The University of Sydney. Her work is wide ranging, but it has always included a strong focus on gender and popular culture. Her most recent work focuses on magazines and magazine culture and her first book is Queens of Print: Interviews with Australia’s Iconic Women’s Magazine Editors.