Join international author Tomasz Jedrowski (Swimming in the Dark) for this half-day workshop that will help you gain confidence on the journey to becoming a writer. Explore techniques to help overcome the self-doubt that stands in the way of every aspiring writer – including setting realistic goals, keeping a diary, meditation exercises, positive affirmations and the art of critiquing. Tomasz will share his favourite titles for aspiring writers, and examples of famous authors who have overcome their self-doubt.

Sydney Writers’ Festival is sponsoring one place per workshop for writers who may not otherwise be able to participate. Find more information and an online application form here.

Tomasz Jedrowski (International)

Tomasz Jedrowski

Tomasz Jedrowski is a graduate of Cambridge University and Université de Paris. He was born in Germany to Polish parents and has lived in several countries, including Poland. He now lives in the Forest of Orleans in France. Tomasz speaks five languages and writes in English. Swimming in the Dark is his first novel.