Acclaimed debut novelist Tomasz Jedrowski believes Australia’s globally chart-topping Troye Sivan is the queer icon the world needs right now. Join him as he delves into why Troye’s honesty, simplicity and kindness runs counter to decades of shame and hyper-sexualisation that have followed the LGBTQIA+ community. Tomasz will examine how songs like ‘Bloom’ help normalise gay sex in a fun and innocent way, and why the singer’s example of detoxifying masculinity and putting love first may be the perfect antidote to patriarchy and other problems of today. Tomasz’s novel Swimming in the Dark is a gay love story set behind the Iron Curtain.

Tomasz Jedrowski (International)

Tomasz Jedrowski

Tomasz Jedrowski is a graduate of Cambridge University and Université de Paris. He was born in Germany to Polish parents and has lived in several countries, including Poland. He now lives in the Forest of Orleans in France. Tomasz speaks five languages and writes in English. Swimming in the Dark is his first novel.

Angus Dalton (Australian)

Angus Dalton

Angus Dalton is the co-founding editor of Sweaty City, an independent magazine about climate change and urban ecology that launched in February 2020. His stories about octopuses, city-dwelling water dragons and rogue rescue dogs have appeared in Best Australian Science Writing 2019, Voiceworks, Overland and Australian Geographic. He has worked as the Editorial Manager of Good Reading magazine, Editor-in-Chief of Grapeshot and Fiction Intern at Kill Your Darlings. He is currently a Marketing & PR Executive at Simon & Schuster.