The popularity of figures like far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos is challenging the misconception of gay politics as an essentially progressive space. Is it possible that a movement premised on changing society through collective rights has been diluted through more modest campaigns for individual rights, such as marriage equality? Hear from acclaimed Down the Hume author Peter Polites – whose newest novel The Pillars is a dark satire of gay and ethnic aspirations – as he examines the junction of libertarianism, gay conservatism and the right-wing forces of our time.

Peter Polites (Australian)

Peter Polites

Peter Polites is a writer of Greek descent from Western Sydney. Peter writes and performs pieces all over Australia, and also writes performance texts for Urban Theatre Projects. His first novel Down the Hume was shortlisted for a NSW Premier's Literary Award in 2017. His second novel, The Pillars, is a dark satire of gay and ethnic aspirations.

Angus Dalton (Australian)

Angus Dalton

Angus Dalton is the co-founding editor of Sweaty City, an independent magazine about climate change and urban ecology that launched in February 2020. His stories about octopuses, city-dwelling water dragons and rogue rescue dogs have appeared in Best Australian Science Writing 2019, Voiceworks, Overland and Australian Geographic. He has worked as the Editorial Manager of Good Reading magazine, Editor-in-Chief of Grapeshot and Fiction Intern at Kill Your Darlings. He is currently a Marketing & PR Executive at Simon & Schuster.