Written and spoken language are very different. It’s easy enough to distinguish an audiobook from a podcast – one is written for ‘reading’, the other for listening. But what are the actual differences? In this half-day workshop with Ollie Wards, writer, radio coach and host of ABC’s hit true crime podcast of 2019, Unravel True Crime: Snowball, learn how to listen for good writing and tune your written voice for speaking, when writing for audio formats.

Sydney Writers’ Festival is sponsoring one place per workshop for writers who may not otherwise be able to participate. Find more information and an online application form here.

Ollie Wards (Australian)

Ollie Wards

Ollie Wards is the Content Director of triple j, but took a year out of his role to investigate, produce and host the latest season of the ABC's true crime series Unravel. Originally from New Zealand, Ollie delved into a dark family story of his brother's brief marriage to an American con woman. In his investigation through dark to sometimes funny revelations, Ollie followed a trail of clues around the world in his award-winning podcast Snowball.